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11 May 2018

Summer Newsletter 4

Summer Term– Care


In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus is praying with his disciples after the Last Supper. Very soon, Jesus will be arrested. So before leaving them he is preparing his disciples for the difficult time to come. Jesus wants us to be united with one another and with God. We show that we are united and part of God’s family when we care for each other– living and working in unity. Small gestures of tenderness and care, make people feel that the Lord is with us.


Even though this has been a shorter week, there have still been plenty of activities in all the classes. Year 6 have been making last minute preparations for their tests next week. Please can I ask all Year 6 children to be in school for a prompt 9am start each day (see my SATS message below!!). Year 2 are also doing their special quizzes all through May so please try to make sure children are in school every day. In June it will be Year1’s turn to complete their Phonics check-always a busy time in School, the Summer term.


It was lovely to attend Mass yesterday to celebrate the Ascension of our Lord and the children in Key Stage 2 behaved beautifully. I can now confirm that our May    Procession and Mass will be on Thursday 24th May at 10am. This is for all children and, once again, we will ask for flower donations that will be placed in front of the statue of Our Lady in Church. All flowers donated will be presented to local nursing homes    later that day so we can really brighten up the lives of so many people.


On Friday 18th May it is the next PTFA meeting where we are really starting to sort out the Summer Fair. Please pop along if you can spare half an hour at drop off time as we need as much help as possible to make the event a success.


Mission Together boxes have been collected and thank you for your generosity in raising £283.05. Once again this will help many people who need it.


Finally, can I ask parents to be mindful of the notice in last week’s newsletter to do with our upcoming building work. We are expecting our first delivery of materials next week so some areas will be temporarily out of bounds. Please can I ask that you help us with toddlers before and after school and make sure they are safe and by your side at all times.


Have a lovely weekend and good luck to the Boys Football Team.


Mr Geaves


Newsletter 11-05-2018