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3 May 2019

Summer Newsletter 2

Summer Term– Witness

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Simon Peter is asked three times by Jesus, ’Do you Love me?’. Each time Peter declares his devotion to the Lord and Jesus asks him to feed and look after his sheep. In this act Peter gave witness to what Jesus had done and who Jesus really was. Because of witness, many people came to know and follow Jesus. Through our words, actions and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we too can be God’s witnesses, through living our lives the way Jesus shows us.

Another busy week has passed by again with many highlights including the whole school prayer session on the field yesterday (before the rain came). This was led by staff and the Y6 children in their Paulinus Pal families. This has been a new initiative that we have started this year which has helped our school have an even greater family valued identity. I am so proud of the children and all that they do to make our school even better. If you have not done so already, please follow the school twitter feed. It is easy to locate using the @stpaulinus address. Let’s see if we can get over 500 followers as we currently have 492 who saw pictures from the Y2 trip to the Lighthouse, Y4     measuring the weight of gas, and Y3 Samba drumming in the hall.

Notice to FS2 parents -we will be changing the drop off and picking up routines starting Monday 13th May. We hope this will not cause too much confusion. Please read a separate ParentMail that will explain all next week.

PTFA Summer Fair Message:

VOLUNTEERS The main thing we need to make the Fair a success is lots of help on the day. In order to run each of the stalls for the 3½ hours we need around 50-60 volunteers. We also need help on the morning of the Fair, to set up and move tables outside, and afterwards to tidy up.  If you can spare some time to help, or you know anyone who can, please put your name down. If we don’t have enough volunteers, then we won’t be able to run all of the stalls. Some stalls require two people for each time slot so if you would rather do your time with a friend or relative, then please let us know and we will ensure that you are kept together. As always, each class will be  doing a performance, and we will make sure that if you volunteer to help, that you will still be able to watch your child.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend and see you on Tuesday.

Mr Geaves

Newsletter 03-05-19