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Spring Newsletter 7
9 March 2018

Spring Newsletter 7

In this week’s Gospel we read about the ‘light’ that has come into the world. Pope Francis reminds us, ‘Jesus is the light who brightens the darkness.’ Letting Jesus’ light shine in our lives provides a secure foundation for our lives and for the lives of our children too. We are also reminded that God loves us so much that he gave his only Son for us. Jesus’ great act of love, of self-giving, on the cross, has paved the way for us to share in the true richness of God’s love in his life, and also in the life to come.


Obviously last week was dominated by the unprecedented amount of snow that the region had. Closing the school for three days is not an easy decision and hopefully by making decisions the night before helped with the logistical challenges that school closures bring. I would like to thank the overwhelming support I have had for the decisions made at the time and I hope the gorgeous sunshine today is a sign that spring is on the way. Many people first found out about school closures by following the school twitter account. Please follow the account as we regularly update this with photos and messages of what goes on in school each day. It is a secure account so please make sure your twitter name is obvious to us otherwise you will not be able to follow the school. We also used the Parent Mail messaging service to keep you all informed.


It has been a much quieter week this week. Of course we have had a class less within school as Year 6 have been on their residential all week at Peat Rigg. They have been enjoying a whole host of different activities and I cannot wait to find out more when they return.


We will be supporting the Mission Together charity again this year during Lent. Red    boxes will have been distributed this week– please look out for them. This is a wonderful charity with the motto ‘Children helping Children.’ Each year we save our loose change and collect it in little red boxes. These are collected after Easter.  For more information please check their website


Finally, it is with some sadness we need to inform you that Mr O’Brien’s time at St         Paulinus will be ending at Easter. He has worked here for the past 18 months in all classes helping the children in so many ways. He has been covering two maternities and this will end at Easter. The good news is this will mark the return of Miss Mallam who has been on maternity since the summer .


Have a lovely weekend everyone


Newsletter 09-03-2018