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Spring Newsletter 6
22 February 2018

Spring Newsletter 6

‘Where is sacred for you?’


In this week’s Gospel Peter, James and John went to pray with Jesus to pray on a mountain top. While they were there, Jesus was transformed. The Holy Mountain  experience was a sacred moment. To be sacred is to be holy, to be dedicated to God. God wants us to be his sacred people- to be holy and to try and live and love like Jesus did. Where do you take time out of your busy lives to pray or feel at peace?


We have only been back to school for a week but we have already managed to cram so many events into our schedules. Even before the holidays really started the school was alive with energy, music, dance and fun. The Young Americans Workshop was a huge success and a memorable moment for many years to come. The performance I saw on the Sunday afternoon was breath taking and the talent was there for everyone to see. A huge thank you to Mrs Green for all her hard work and organisational skills. Thank you also to the families who acted as homestays for our visitors. Some of you enjoyed this so much I know you are doing it again soon.


On Wednesday some of our children from Key Stage 2 took part in a cross country competition which went really well. Unfortunately we were restricted with numbers this year and so could not take as many children as we had hoped, but we still managed to fill 6 running teams. We have more competitions in the future. Congratulations to those children who will represent the Guisborough cluster in the next round and huge congratulations to the whole team who were declared the winning school in the Guisborough Cross Country Running Team. Hot of the heels of the swimming success we are beginning to get a notable sporting reputation.


Lent began on Ash Wednesday.

We ask the children to think carefully in their prayers during Lent and try to really act out the School motto of being the best person that you can be.


We will be supporting the Mission Together charity again this year during Lent. Red    boxes will have been distributed this week– please look out for them. This is a wonderful charity with the motto ‘Children helping Children.’ Each year we save our loose change and collect it in little red boxes. These are collected after Easter.  For more information please check their website


Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Geaves

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