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Spring Newsletter 5
9 February 2018

Spring Newsletter 5



To be compassionate is to share in someone’s suffering– to feel sorrow for their situation and to do something about it. Compassion is an attractive quality. Our own example in daily life can help our children become more compassionate. Jesus has compassion for all those who are left out; he came to take away fear, loneliness and bullying– to help people feel loved and accepted. We can experience Jesus’ compassion through other people and through spending time in prayer.


What a busy week and indeed half-term it has been. The children have once again impressed me with all their efforts. Some even impressed me with their dance moves last night at the school disco!


On Monday the children in Key Stage 2 competed in an inter-house cross competition. Not only did the competition give the children the opportunity to compete within the House Teams, but the event was also used to select teams for an upcoming cluster cross-country competition at King George’s playing fields on the 21st February.


Over 100 children ran around the perimeter of our school and depending on their age covered a distance of either 1200metres or 1800metres.


Many congratulations to the individual winners from each of the races: Libby Daley, Zander Gribbon, Hettie Cook, Jack Maddock, Sophie Cahill and Paddy McKeown.


But this was a House competition (the overall results were made by adding up the   finishing position of every runner, so that the lowest overall score was the winner) and it finished as follows:

1st: (234 points) St Luke 2nd: (254 points) St Mark

3rd: (258 points) St John 4th: (259 points) St Matthew

Well done to all of the participants and congratulations to St Luke.


Next week is half-term and also marks the start of Lent. Lent is a time when Christians try to achieve three things. Firstly to get closer to God through Prayer, secondly to fast in some way and thirdly through almsgiving. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday services at St Paulinus Church are on Wednesday 14th February at 12.00pm and 7.00pm. Please try and attend if you can as we usually mark Ash Wednesday in school but cannot this year.


Have a lovely half-term and see you on Monday 20th February at 9am.



Mr Geaves






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