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Spring Newsletter 4
2 February 2018

Spring Newsletter 4



Life can be very demanding. Prayer is good for us– it gives us great strength. In this Sunday’s Gospel, we hear about Jesus taking time out to recover and refresh himself through prayer. After he brings peace and recovery to Simon’s mother-in-law, everyone crowds in on Jesus, wanting to be healed. Jesus combined both community prayer with times to pray alone– a great example for us all to follow. Prayer was a source of Jesus’ joy, strength and compassion, and it can be ours too.

In last week’s newsletter I pointed you in the direction of some useful information about safer Internet use for our pupils. The feedback from this has been positive and their will be sessions taught to children on Tuesday as this is Safer Internet Day.

This week attached to the newsletter and also on the school website is a consultation document about homework. As you may or may not be aware we have regular meetings with the Parent Council where representatives from each of the classes share the current issues. One issue that is always discussed is homework. Sometimes it’s too easy, too hard, too little or too much. As a school we are very interested in how you feel homework should evolve in our school. Please can you read the consultation document and answer the five questions as your feedback is very important to us. As I say in the consultation document the issue of homework throws up many differing views and it is incredibly hard to suit everyone but we do promise a fair and open consultation which we hope you will enjoy being part of. Please return all forms to school by Friday 9th February so that we can collate the information over half-term.

On Thursday the children will be taking part in a range of Global Learning lessons to support the ongoing work of this Spring Term on Global Learning. Key Stage 2 have already had a visiting teacher to help with this important work and this week’s staff meeting was training for staff on the 17 Global Goals. These are important for our children to learn about and think how they can make a difference to the planet. These Global Goals are also attached to this newsletter.

On Friday we are holding a no school Uniform Day. Please can all children bring a do-nation of £1. This money supports the Global Goal of ‘clean water and sanitation’ for all people providing toilets for people in deprived areas through the charity CAFOD. The children who took part in the Lego League would like the school to support this .Thank you to the children for this splendid idea.


Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday morning.


Mr Geaves


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