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Spring Newsletter 4
1 February 2019

Spring Newsletter 4

God's Love

In this Sunday’s Gospel we are reminded that God’s love is without limits.

We are told that this love is not just for ourselves but a starting point to share with everyone. God loves us all equally and unconditionally. His love is unlimited and if we accept this kind offer it may in turn make us all happier. Ask your child (Y1-6) about the goodness of bananas and how these spread joy, togetherness and love.

Another great week has passed us by. Three highlights spring to mind straight away. Firstly, the amazing Y6 trip to Inspire to Learn where the children completed a range of tasks in true Apprentice style. It was noted how confident and happy our children were to present their ideas in front of others. Secondly our Y4 children visited Leeds Armouries and were treated to some real Roman actors that certainly had them drilled and put though their paces. The final highlight was the amazing result at the Guisborough Swimming Gala on Wednesday. All 4 teams qualified for the next round which is simply stunning and 8 individual children actually won their event. The most precious thing for me though was the way the children encouraged other swimmers to do their  best, particularly when they saw they were struggling. Thank you for your support and have a great weekend.

Next week is a little quieter. We have a couple of meetings on Wednesday after school for the Y5 & Y6 parents to give some information about Peat Rigg. Following that we have an open invitation to all parents to join us in an informal PTFA Meeting at 6.30pm. Hopefully will see you there.

On Tuesday it is National Internet Safety Day. 1 in 3 users of the Internet are children.  1 in 4 eight-eleven year olds have a social media presence, even though this is below the permitted age restrictions. These figures come from the NSPCC and show me as a parent that I must be vigilant in supporting my children grow as they use the Internet. Do you always monitor the content of your child’s online activity? Do they send messages to people they don’t know? Please help your child to use the Internet safely, and as I always say to the children, keep your passwords secure. Never message or chat to people you don’t know, and listen to what your parents say when it comes to using devices.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Geaves

Newsletter 01-02-19