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Spring Newsletter 11
29 March 2019

Spring Newsletter 11

Lent – Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the lifeblood of any family or community.

In this Sunday’s Gospel, the younger son insults his father; his inheritance is all he thinks about. This is a piece of scripture that many are familiar with the story of the Lost Son or more commonly known as the Prodigal Son. The message for us all is that, whatever we may have done wrong, if we are truly sorry, we can still count on the loving forgiveness of God, who is our Father, and on the  freedom that his forgiveness brings.

Can I thank all the parents and family members that attended the beautiful family Mass on Sunday. It was lovely to see first hand the School and Parish working in harmony with each other. We will also be hosting a whole school Mass on Thursday 4th April at 10am as we   continue to prepare the Children for the wonderful time of Holy Week and the end of Lent. We also have the last two of our class Stay & Pray sessions which have been wonderful occasions helping us prepare during the Holy Season of Lent.

Egg Day Competition Rules 2019: this year only 1 egg per design and children must work individually. Start thinking about the eggciting designs for Wednesday 3rd April. For those new to the School, Children design their own egg design and a small prize is given to the best one from each class at the Easter Fair. This year for logistical reasons, Foundation Stage will be decorating their eggs on Tuesday 2nd April, and Years 1-6 will be given some time to make their designs on Wednesday. Please can we remember to take all eggs home after the Fair, or on Thursday at the very latest. Please can all children bring  everything they need on Tuesday or Wednesday and perhaps a few spare boiled eggs just in case! Judging will start at 2.30pm this year so this will finish close to the start of the Easter Fair. Please be patient whilst the judges make their decisions. As always we need help setting up during the day of the Fair, serving refreshments, running stalls and also tidying away. If you are able to help in anyway, then please contact us through the School Office. If possible we are looking for people to run a stall for around 45 minutes each, so that all helpers get the chance to spend some time with their own children. Please help if you can as we presently do not have enough helpers.

As next week is the last School week in Lent please can I ask you to start to collect and send in your lovely Red Boxes for the Mission Together Charity. This wonderful collection will help children in Jordan to attend School regularly when normally would not have been able to.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mums on Sunday.

Mr Geaves

Newsletter 29-03-19