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Spring Newsletter 1
12 January 2018

Spring Newsletter 1



I hope that you all had a happy and restful  Christmas break.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank pupils and families who so generously gave myself and the staff Christmas cards and gifts – they are overwhelming and much appreciated.


As we start 2018, let us move forward together as a School as we all help the children to truly become the best that they can be. I hope that 2018 is  a great success for the children, staff and families of St Paulinus School. Who knows what greatness can be achieved this year if the children truly reach for the stars?


You may have already received a Class Newsletter, or one will be sent out to you soon informing you about the curriculum contents for this half-term.


January is often a time when we look forward and think about the year ahead.  2017 was a very important year for the school with two very successful school inspections completed by both the Diocese and OFSTED. We will not rest on our laureals though as we want to make this year even better still.


The Easter Holiday dates are listed on the School website as well as the end of the Summer Term. The key dates can also be found on page 2 of this newsletter.


In Church this Sunday we celebrate the beginning of Jesus’ mission. The humble  witness of John the Baptist gave people a sense that something exciting was about to happen. John the Baptist is one of the best known saints. He never pushed himself   forward. He even encouraged his own followers to leave him and become followers of Jesus. His life witnessed the truth about Jesus and, because of him, many people came to know and follow Jesus. Today our schools are founded in the name of Jesus and we continue to give witness to God’s love for all people.


The weather has been a little bit colder this morning so please can I remind you to send children to school with a coat. Can I also remind you to make sure that their name is written on the label somewhere so that if it is left in the wrong place it can be returned to its owner. Can we also make sure that packed lunch boxes have a name in so that they can be returned when they are forgotten at the end of each week. Please can I remind you all that trainers are not permitted and that hair accessories for children should ideally be in the school colours.


Please read page 2 for an important safeguarding update and attendance information.


Have a great weekend.

Mr Geaves

Newsletter 12-01-2018