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Parent Council

Each class in our school has a Parent Council Representative.

These members are not elected but simply kind enough to come to school for a half-termly meeting and discuss all matters St Paulinus.

Anyone can come to the meetings which are usually held on the last Monday of each half-term at 9am.

Current Members are:

Y6 Mrs Smithies, Mrs Bage

Y5 Mrs Mulqueen, Mrs Duffield

Y4 Mrs Smithies

Y3 Mrs Mulqueen

Y2 Mrs Short

Y1  Mrs Bage

FS2 Vacant

The last meeting was held on Monday 17th July. Can I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Parent Council for their help and support over the past year.

If you have any points then please contact the representative or pop a note into the school office.

Previous Meeting Minutes:

Parent Council 5th June 2017