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Spring Newsletter 8
16 March 2018
The Season of Lent – ‘Follow’ In this week’s Gospel Jesus uses the image of the grain of wheat, which dies to produce a rich crop, to show us that his death was necessary if many were to receive eternal life. Through this Gospel Jesus is also encouraging his disciples to follow him– to give …
Spring Newsletter 7
9 March 2018
In this week’s Gospel we read about the ‘light’ that has come into the world. Pope Francis reminds us, ‘Jesus is the light who brightens the darkness.’ Letting Jesus’ light shine in our lives provides a secure foundation for our lives and for the lives of our children too. We are also reminded that God …
Spring Newsletter 6
22 February 2018
‘Where is sacred for you?’   In this week’s Gospel Peter, James and John went to pray with Jesus to pray on a mountain top. While they were there, Jesus was transformed. The Holy Mountain  experience was a sacred moment. To be sacred is to be holy, to be dedicated to God. God wants us …
Consultation Letter
19 February 2018
Information on the merger and formation of a new Catholic Multi Academy Trust (CMAT) for the North of the Diocese of Middlesbrough. The Diocese of Middlesbrough has 54 Catholic schools and academies spread across seven local authority areas, providing Catholic education to some 17,514 children and young people. In the north of the Diocese, Redcar …
Spring Newsletter 5
9 February 2018
Compassion   To be compassionate is to share in someone’s suffering– to feel sorrow for their situation and to do something about it. Compassion is an attractive quality. Our own example in daily life can help our children become more compassionate. Jesus has compassion for all those who are left out; he came to take …
Spring Newsletter 4
2 February 2018
Prayer   Life can be very demanding. Prayer is good for us– it gives us great strength. In this Sunday’s Gospel, we hear about Jesus taking time out to recover and refresh himself through prayer. After he brings peace and recovery to Simon’s mother-in-law, everyone crowds in on Jesus, wanting to be healed. Jesus combined …
Lego League Report 2018
2 February 2018
This report has been written by James Smithies in Year 6. Well done to whole team for your efforts this year. Match report -Lego Leauge (1)  
Homework Consultation 2018
2 February 2018
We would like to hear more of your views on homework at St Paulinus. Homework Questionnaire 2018  The following questions are based on regular feedback that I receive about homework from the Parent Council. We are keen to get feedback on this issue as we develop our new tweaked homework policy and procedure. We aim …
Spring Newsletter 3
26 January 2018
Teachers It’s important to have good teachers. Parents are the first and foremost educators of their own children– other family members and friends can also teach about what really matters in life. But who can really teach us about the best way to live?   Jesus stood out as a teacher because he taught with …
Spring Newsletter 2
19 January 2018
A real taste of winter We have  been reminded this week that it is winter. Please can I remind you to send children to school with a coat. Can I also remind you to make sure that their name is written on the label somewhere so that if it is left in the wrong place …