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Summer Newsletter 13
20 July 2018
Summer Term– End of Another Busy Year!   Well, we have made it. This is the last newsletter of what has been a very successful and busy year for the school. The end of the year is always a real mixture of feelings with us     saying good bye to pupils and staff that we have …
Term Dates Reminder 2018-2019
19 July 2018
St Paulinus 2018-2019 Term Dates
Summer Newsletter 12
13 July 2018
In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus sends out his friends on an urgent mission with the instruction to heal and to share his message with all who will listen. Jesus wants us to listen closely to his words. Regularly listening to Jesus reminds us what’s really important in life and how much we are loved by …
Summer Newsletter 11
6 July 2018
In this Sunday’s Gospel, the people who were most familiar with Jesus welcomed him at first. They readily acknowledged his wisdom and his miracles. But they were not prepared to put their faith in him, to go further and see that God was at work in him and so, in the end, they rejected Jesus. …
Summer Newsletter 10
29 June 2018
This Sunday we read about how a woman’s faith was greatly rewarded. Jesus revealed the wonderful and extraordinary power he had received from his Father, by healing this woman in a remarkable way. Putting our faith in Jesus helps us to know God as our loving Father. Faith is one of life’s greatest blessings. Difficulties, …
Summer Newsletter 9
22 June 2018
This Sunday we celebrate the birth of St John the Baptist who is also one of the best known saints. The Gospels inform us that St John the Baptist was born six months before Jesus. This is why we celebrate St John’s birth in the summer. St John’s life witnessed to the truth about Jesus. …
Summer Newsletter 8
15 June 2018
Summer Term– God’s Kingdom Our Catholic Schools were built to help grow the Kingdom of God on earth. We too are called to play our part; it’s a commitment which brings many rewards. Like any good teacher, Jesus uses pictures or parables to make his teaching clearer. In this week’s Gospel he uses the images …
Summer Newsletter 7
8 June 2018
Welcome to the final half-term of this school year. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone and how we arrive at another Friday so soon. In this Sunday’s Gospel we hear Jesus saying how our openness and obedience to God is assign that we belong to his family. Pope Francis said that ‘when …
Summer Newsletter 6
25 May 2018
Summer Term– Trinity   This coming Sunday the Church celebrates the great feast of The Most Holy Trinity. Saint Patrick used a three leaved clover to illustrate the mystery of the Trinity: it has three leaves but is just one plant. He did this to explain that in the one God, there are three divine …
Summer Newsletter 5
18 May 2018
Summer Term– Pentecost/Peace   This coming Sunday the Church celebrates Pentecost. This is the feast of the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church. In this Sunday’s Gospel, the risen Jesus offers his disciples the Holy Spirit and inner peace. True peace (the removal of all anxiety, worry and envy) comes only from God. …