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RE Summer Newsletter 2019
26 April 2019
Please take the time to read the RE Summer Newsletter Parents Letter Summer 2019
Summer Newsletter 1
26 April 2019
Summer Term– Believe In this Sunday’s Gospel we are told of how Thomas did not believe in the risen Jesus until he saw this with his own eyes. We often, like Thomas may have doubts, but we should be assured that when we do doubt, Jesus is still truly close to us all and ready …
Spring Newsletter 12
5 April 2019
Lent – A New Start & Happy Easter What a wonderful final week of this Spring Term it has been. The conclusion of our Lent Stay & Pray sessions, the Easter Fair and Whole School Mass on Thursday. This afternoon at 2pm the whole school will be in  assembly where we will remind the children …
Spring Newsletter 11
29 March 2019
Lent – Forgiveness Forgiveness is the lifeblood of any family or community. In this Sunday’s Gospel, the younger son insults his father; his inheritance is all he thinks about. This is a piece of scripture that many are familiar with the story of the Lost Son or more commonly known as the Prodigal Son. The …
Spring Newsletter 10
22 March 2019
Lent – Change Change can be an exciting part of family life. The Season of Lent presents a great             opportunity to examine our conscience– do we need a change of heart, a change of    attitude? In this Sunday’s Gospel, the fig tree represents God’s people– it represents all of us. We are called to change: …
Spring Newsletter 9
15 March 2019
Lent– Encouragement In this Sunday’s Gospel three of Jesus’ disciples are encouraged by Jesus’ glory. For the first time they receive a glimpse of the awesome divinity of Jesus. God tells them to listen to Jesus and allows them to see Jesus for who he really is. Following Jesus is never easy but if we …
NPCAT Letter from CEO March 2019
12 March 2019
Dear Parents, Please take the time to read this letter from the CEO of the Trust. NPCAT Letter to Parents and Carers March 2019 Thank you, Mr Geaves
Spring Newsletter 8
8 March 2019
Our Lent Journey has Begun. On Wednesday Lent begun with a lovely Mass in church at 10am. The season of Lent reminds us of Jesus’ 40 days of fasting & prayer in the wilderness, where he grew stronger through resisting various temptations. In this Sunday’s Gospel the tempter makes three suggestions to try and divert …
Spring Newsletter 7
1 March 2019
Preparing for Lent & World Book Day Happy St David’s day. David was a true teacher through his actions and words and as we know is the patron saint of Wales. This week’s Gospel reminds us not to criticise others’ actions but rather to look at our own actions and try to grow in goodness. …
Spring Newsletter 6
15 February 2019
Trust In this Sunday’s Gospel , we listen to one of the most well known passages in the Bible through Luke’s version of the Beatitudes. This passage has through the ages encouraged people to trust in God. The Beatitudes remind us that, however bad things might look, those who serve and trust in God will …