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We are very fortunate to have a very active, challenging and robust Governing Body. As we have recently converted to Academy Status they have become members of the Local Management Board.

The school Local Management Board is made up of Foundation Governors who are appointed by His Lordship the Bishop of Middlesbrough, three parent Governors, and two staff representatives.

The Governors meet officially each term to discuss the business of the school but they take a special interest in all school activities. Each area of the curriculum is managed by a member of the Governing Body. Governors visit the school regularly and are very aware of all aspects of the life of the school including pupil progress and the quality of the teaching. Minutes of all Local Management Board meetings are available for inspection, once they have been approved by Governors. Latest Minutes: Draft Minutes 12th October 2016

Through the termly meetings, the Governors discharge their legal obligations and, through the working of Sub-Committees, set the School Policies for the Head Teacher and staff to implement.


  • Mr F Campbell

Vice Chair

  • Very Rev Canon M Bayldon

Foundation Governors

  • Mr A Bass
  • Mrs M McLean
  • Mr D Aspin
  • Mrs C Williamson
  • Mrs C Brooke

Staff Governors

  • Mrs L Green
  • Mrs R Bircham

Parent Governors

  • Mrs L McCrossan
  • Mr  J Lock
  • Mrs J Barnard

Head Teacher

  • Mr S Geaves

Attendance at Full Local Management Board Meetings Reports

St Paulinus LMB Attendance 2014-2015

St Paulinus Funding Agreement Redaction Sheet Sept 2014


Each Governor is a member of a Sub-Committee which meet regularly with delegated duties.

Details of membership of these committees are below:-

Finance & Staffing Committee  

Canon Michael Bayldon - Chair

Maureen McLean – V Chair

Francis Campbell

Anthony Bass

Christine Brooke

Simon Geaves

Lizanne McCrossan

Latest Minutes: Finance and Staffing 3rd October 2016

Buildings Committee

Francis Campbell – Chair

David Aspin

Anthony Bass

Rachel Campbell

Simon Geaves

Latest Minutes: Buildings Com Minutes 19 September 2016

Standards Committee

Maureen McLean – Chair

Cath Williamson

Julie Melling

Lizanne McCrossan

Simon Geaves

Latest Minutes: Standards Committee 6.10.16

Admissions Committee

Christine Brooke – Chair

Karen Pinter

Nichola Turner

Simon Geaves

Cath Williamson

Latest Minutes: Admission Minutes June 2016

Salary Review Committee

Cath Williamson

Maureen McLean- Chair

Lizanne McCrossan

Simon Geaves

Latest Minutes: Pay Review Minutes November 2016

In February 2017 we held a full Local Management Board Meeting and discussed the new Governance Handbook and Competency Framework. Both are available below:

Governance Handbook January 2017

Competency Framework 2017