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Autumn Newsletter 5
6 October 2017

Autumn Newsletter 5

This School Continues to be Good


In this Sunday’s Gospel, we are reminded that God sends us messengers to help us remember what is important. The Gospel has leaders not listening to God’s messengers and that God has a plan for us all. We are created for everlasting life and , for now, we are here to share, enjoy and develop what God gives to us in this life.


We did not realise, at the start of term, that part of this ‘plan’ was for the School to receive a visit from an OFSTED Inspector on the twelfth day of term.  I am now able to share with you the findings of the one day inspection and we are pleased that the inspector found the school still to be at least a good school. Below are some of the comments you will find in the report. (The full report is now on the school website and as a separate attachment).


The leadership team has maintained and enhanced the good quality of education in the school since the Section 5 inspection in February 2014.

You have worked with governors, other leaders and staff to ensure that your vision that all pupils can ‘reach for the stars’ will be realised.

The school’s Christian values of respect, enjoyment, acceptance and love lie at the heart of everyone’s work, including the pupils’.

This is an inclusive and harmonious school community where everyone is welcomed and valued equally

Pupils’ personal qualities – their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, and their behaviour and attitudes – are exemplary and remain a strength of the school.

Your relentless focus on improving the quality of teaching has ensured that teaching is usually very strong.

Parents, staff and pupils are overwhelmingly positive about St Paulinus.


It also gives the school two steps to improve further which are to ensure that:

progress made by children in early years improves so that it is as strong as that of pupils in other key stages

teachers take better account of pupils’ current skills and knowledge in writing, particularly for the most able, to plan activities that enable pupils to make more rapid progress.

All in all very pleasing and thank you for your support through the process. We have been set a challenge by the Inspection Team to strive for Outstanding as the inspector commented that we are not very far away from that aim.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Geaves

Newsletter 06-10-2017

Saint Paulinus Sept 2017 Inspection Report