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Autumn Newsletter 10
16 November 2018

Autumn Newsletter 10

In this Sunday’s Gospel, we are given an image about the end of the world! Jesus reminds us to look beyond the troubles of the world, to something far more important. Jesus assures us that although many things in the world may change, his words will last forever. We can be certain that our faithfulness to God will be rewarded in this life and in the life to come.

On Sunday it was lovely to see so many children and families joining together in the       Guisborough Town Remembrance Parade. The children were a credit to you and to the School, and behaved beautifully in Church, after the parade and laying wreaths.  I      received many positive comments from members of the Church congregation, so thank you to everyone who was there, including all the Cubs, Scouts, Beavers, Brownies and Guides.

Another busy week in school has flown by with a couple of highlights along the way. On Tuesday we were treated to a lovely play in a day experience when our Year 5 children spoke to the school through drama about the importance of being safe on the internet.  With 1 in 6 children aged 8-17 sharing a selfie online in the last day and 1 in 8 in the last hour, we need to know how to protect our children whilst online. Yesterday we held our very first Paulinus Pals session across the school. Here we have organised the children into school families, with 1 class child from each class making up the family. Year 6 children are the heads of the family and we hope this initiative will help with many aspects of support through the children’s school journey.

Next week is a 4 day school week, with Friday being a PD Day. The school is therefore closed to pupils. Perhaps we can make an extra effort to be punctual every day. I have noticed that we have quite a few children coming to school after 8.45am. If children miss 5 minutes at the beginning of the day, it can disrupt the start of their day. Also persistent lateness will lead to missed learning. 5 minutes late everyday actually adds up to 3 school days over the period of a year.

It may only be a 4 day week next week, but we will be completing some extra Science Activities during the week, and Year 1 have a school trip on Thursday to Beamish. Another great week planned.

Finally, can I remind you that school is also closed to pupils on Monday 26th November as this is also a PD Day.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the shopping trip with the PTFA if you are going. Don’t forget to read page 2.

Christmas Dates:

(As both the John Lewis advert and the Coca-Cola Advert are doing the rounds it must be getting    closer.)

7th December  PTFA Christmas Fair,

9th December Parish Advent Service Choir and Readers from School to attend.

10th December Last Mother & Toddlers (Christmas Party)

13th December FS Performance 10am.

13th December Y4-6 Carols 6pm in Church

14th December FS Performance 2pm.

17th December Senior Citizens Party

17th December Y1-3 Play 6pm (no Brownies),

18th December Y1-3 Play 2.15pm

19th December Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Lunch

20th December Christmas Parties pm,

21st December Christmas Mass 10am TBC

Called to Serve

As many of you will know we are now part of the Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust. This year the Trust would like each school to think about the call to service that is central to our faith. One such way that we do this is by giving. Below are a couple of ways that we have been giving or can give in the future.

I am confident that this will lead to other activities during the next school year which I will keep you all informed about.

Children in Distress Shoebox Appeal:

The closing date for all shoeboxes is Tuesday 20th November. We already have over 20 which is lovely and this will make a real difference to families this Christmas.

CAUSE Hamper Appeal (Catholic Action against Unemployment and Social Evil):

This year, as part of our Advent preparations we will be supporting the work of a local charity. The CAUSE Hamper Appeal has been running since 1987 and its main aim is to provide for families, who are desperate for support, within our local area. The charity has a website, which I encourage you to take a look at.


The charity has a very clear message, ' Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.'

Our school will be supporting 8 families this year, one for each year group, now with one hamper for FS1 and one for FS2. Over the next few weeks, we will be sending home details of a member of a particular CAUSE family. May we ask for your kind help by adding the family member to your Christmas shopping list by providing a suitable gift chosen with the help of your child/children.

More details will follow in the forthcoming weeks about this appeal and we look forward in anticipation of your help and support in contributing to this worthwhile charity.

Young Americans: 

Just to let you know that registration is still open for the Young Americans workshop and can be reached using this link:

This also has an up to date schedule of timings etc – we have managed to make the Tuesday and Thursday times run an hour earlier as we feel that it will be better for the children to have a slightly earlier finish, and will allow host families a little more quality time with their Young Americans. The payment page is at the end of the process and you can pay by credit/debit card.

For those of you who know little about the workshops, please feel free to get in touch and I will answer your questions - it really is a great opportunity for youngsters and is of benefit to all, not just those who are used to performing. There are lots of examples of what goes on over the 3 days on the Young Americans website ( with lots of links to short Youtube videos, posted by the YAs. Finally, our Young Americans project has made it through to the voting stages of the Arriva Community Fund giveaway. The 400 projects which receive the most votes each win £1000. As there are 925, we need to get in the top 40%. Please use some or all of your 10 votes to help us using the link below:

Registration only takes a minutes, then you can select ‘Young Americans 2019’ and cast your votes

Mr Geaves.

Newsletter 16-11-2018